You Are What You Eat

You are the product of what you eat

You are What You Eat!

Eat the Right Kind of Food

Every bite of broccoli or apple, every spoonful of wholegrain cereal, every sip of water or skim milk, every taste of tuna fish or tofu is a contributor to your health and a protector of your

The difference is in the diet

In the factually funny American documentary Super-Size Me, director-writer Morgan Spurlock shows shocked audiences what happens when one healthy individual eats nothing but fast food products for 30 days or one month.

The active, alert and trim New Yorker made himself the subject of the show, eating nothing but food from a popular burger chain, always asking for bigger servings and trying virtually everything on the menu a day after he started his experimental diet, Spurlock vomited right out of his car window.

After one week he discovered he had gained an astonishing 15 additional pounds.

As Day 30 approached, Spurlock gained even more weight, his liver was damaged, and the three physicians, nutritionist and fitness expert who all monitored his health told him he had a 50/50 chance of getting terminally ill-after initially assuming that only his cholesterol would shoot up and his body would become mildly obese.

If you think “no, that won’t happen to me,” think again. Just go to the neighborhood grocery, check the office cafeteria, watch TV during commercial time, and most of all open your refrigerator and lo and behold:

You’ll realize that you tend to fill yourself everyday with too much refined, processed, additive or fat-laden, and sugar-filled food in horrifying quantities!

Vitamins and nutritional supplements are now a $6 billion-a-year business in the US.

Virtually one-third of the American population now take daily vitamin supplements, 70% take nutritional supplements at least occasionally, and one in three people with popular diseases looks to herbal remedies for help.


The Unappetizing Reality


How many times have you heard the quotation “you are what you eat”? So simple, so easily understood, yet so often ignored.

A healthy diet is one of the best ways to keep your body fit and healthy. And yet despite the availability of nutritious food, majority of people worldwide still opt for the less healthy choices.

The problem is simple: majority of us still don’t eat a balanced or wholesome diet.

In the US alone, only 10% of people eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables, going instead for processed foods like French fries, white bread, enriched pasta and tons of meat, meat, meat.

If you want to live long, eat the right kind of food, period. You are the product of what you eat, and what you eat either shorten or prolong your life. Now let’s see how we can have a healthy diet.