Why Should You Exercise?

Let’s Get Physical.. Always Exercise!

Why Should You Exercise?

Imagine yourself climbing a high mountain to look for that mystical sage with white robes and flowing beard, serenely sitting at the mouth of a cave with eyes gazing at the distant beyond.

You then pop the magic question: “ oh great guru, what can I do to live longer, never get sick, always be happy, and always stay young?”

The foundation of any good exercise program need be no more complicated than taking a walk or jog for free.

Expensive machinery and health club memberships are fine if you want them but are not required for you to improve your health.-DAVID NIVEN, author of the 100 Simple Secrets of Healthy People”

How would you react when he looks at you, and with a twinkle in his eye, says, “Start exercising!”? Were you expecting some other, more dramatic answer?

Famous Tone Body Fitness expert Russell Pate, who heads the physical education department at the University of South Carolina, says that the body is simply meant for exercise.

“Your body has evolved to be active,” he explains, “and when you aren’t it doesn’t do well.” Pate adds that a person can get old well before his or her time simply by not being active.

Now here’s the bad news: despite the desire to have a beautiful body (and the prevalence of gyms, health spas and other fitness facilities), it seems that very few people nowadays are really interested in developing an exercise routine.

This is not helped by the fact that many working people have to sit all day in front of a computer or do other less active office work. It simply doesn’t allow your body to flex its muscles. You need to take up some kind of workout to get your muscles moving!

DOES MORE SWEAT MEAN MORE LOSS OF CALORIES?” Some people think that strenuous exercise is better than simple types of exercise, because the more you sweat, the more fat you burn.

Well, not exactly. Some people tend to sweat profusely due to heavy body weight, poor conditioning, or heredity. And you naturally sweat more in hot, dry weather whatever the kind of exercise you’re engaged in.

The Benefits Of Exercising

Many health authorities recommend that people should take part in moderately intensive 30-minute activity at least five times a week. One of the great things about people who exercise on a regular basis is that they gain not just physical but also mental well-being.

Consider some of the benefits:

  • You lose weight more effectively
  • You are able to maintain a good figure
  • You develop self-discipline
  • Your chances of getting sick are considerably lessened
  • Your self-esteem soars, giving you renewed confidence
  • You develop a pattern of activeness that becomes a lifelong habit
  • And you fell a lot younger than your actual age

Walk, Run And Stretch For Better Health

Regular exercise can help banish heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Even if you just do simple things like walking or climbing up a flight of stairs, you are actually exercising already.

Exercise burns calories, keeps your metabolism running, and lowers the cholesterol level in your heart. Think of your body as if it were the latest BMW or Jaguar. Your body has its own natural gasoline, consuming the blood sugar or glucose and fat circulating in your blood.

An active person’s hormones interact with the fat cells to help release fat into the blood. The fat then circulates to the muscles for use as energy. Hence, the more you exercise, the more you gain energy.

YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD TO ENJOY EXERCISE! Exercise is something anybody can engage in, regardless of age bracket. Some elderly folks have undergone amazing exploits.

For instance, 70-year-olds have climbed Mt. Everest and 80-year-olds have run marathons in less than four hours. 63-year-old hiking enthusiast Fred Juul, on the other hand, suffered a massive stoke in his 50s. Undaunted, he decided to hike on trails near his home in California.

At first it was pure torture having to drag his right leg. After a few months it started to get easier: “I’m still dragging, but at twice the speed.

There Are Normally Two Types Of Exercise:

  • Aerobic exercise – also known as cardiovascular exercise, this kind of activity helps you breathe harder and energize your heart rate. Good examples are jogging, cycling and swimming, all of which improve both your respiratory capacity (lungs) and your circulatory system (heart and blood vessels).
  • Strength-building exercise – also known as resistance training exercise, this kind of activity increases the muscle buildup that defines your whole body. Muscles are highly metabolic, so people who increase their muscles have a higher metabolism that burns more calories than others. This is the kind of exercise body-builders engage in. The prime example is weightlifting.

Whatever kind of exercise you choose, the point is that you should be able to burn as many excess calories as you can.  For instance, if you go jogging every other day for at least 20 minutes, calculate how many calories can be ejected from your body times the number of times you’ll do it in a year. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Do It Your Way

If the idea of lifting weights scares you, relax, you don’t have to go through that just to get your muscles moving. The amenities that make modern life so easy can stimulate you to do even simple kinds of exercise.

For instance, you can go do an office chore yourself instead of having somebody else do it or go up the stairs instead of using the elevator. At home, you can do some repair job yourself instead of calling for a repair man, such as fixing part of the roof or building an extension to the house.