Six Core Strengthening Exercises One Must Try For Healthy Longevity

Exercise is necessary for body health

Core Strengthening Exercises

Everyone would want to live long and healthy however this has been prevented by diseases that come with old age. The cause of these diseases is the lifestyle you lived while you were still young.

At a very old age changing that lifestyle will not be very much effective as it was supposed to be.

The lifestyle includes the diet that you used and whether you were doing exercises or not. Exercising and well-balanced diet can be of great contribution to a long, healthy life.

Below are the strengthening exercises that promote long life

  1. Weightlifting

It is a kind of effective exercise that is majorly aimed at building strong muscles. The examples of targeted muscles include leg, chest, bicep, triceps and stretch muscles. Varieties of weight lifting exercises are;

  • Barbell exercise:

It is where barbell bar is used with various different plates with different kilograms ranging from the less heavy to the heaviest. The person graduates from one plate to another gradually until it is able to lift all the plates

  • Exercising with dumbbell:

It is a weightlifting exercise in which a dumbbell is lifted. It is aimed at building bicep and triceps’ muscles.

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Incline Dumbbell Bench Exercise:

  1. Lateral band walk

Lateral band walkIt is a leg stretch exercise aimed at strengthening the ability of the leg to stretch. What one requires is to wrap an elastic loop around your two legs.

Keep one of the leg stationary for holding one end of the loop while you stretch the other leg to the elastic limit of the material used and back to where it was.

Repeat the same procedure for the same leg about five times then change to the other leg.  The stretching and back should be done at a faster rate, and the elastic limit of the material should be of a reasonable amount that a stretching leg can achieve.

The posture for this exercise should be squatting position after stretching.

  1. Front squat

Front squatStand on a band with your legs slightly apart. Hold both edges of the band on top of the shoulders and stand straight. Sit straight down with the knees kept in front of the toes and back to the standing position.

Repeat this about 12 times a day and you will strengthen your body and prolong your life.

  1. Glute Bridge

Front squat

Tie a strap around your legs at the position just above the knee. Lie down on your back on the ground side. Position your legs at approximately 90 degrees to the side above the knee then rise with your hips and back with the shoulders kept stationary on the ground.

Do this about 20 times a day to align you hips and knees.

  1. Core Strengthening Exercises Prone (lying) leg curl

Bend your leg at about 90 degrees to the upper body then direct it towards the glutes as far as you can.

Thereafter gently bring the leg back to its original position. Repeat this procedure about 20 times for both legs.


  1. Seated AbductionSeated Abduction

Sit at the edge of a chair then tie an anchor around both of your legs right above the knees.

Make your feet slightly apart then press out your knees slowly moving your feet apart. Maintain the position for five seconds reverts.


Exercise is necessary for body health. It assists in losing excess fats which ensure physical exercise and fitness workout hence keeping one healthy to old age.