13 Reasons To Have Sex Every Night

Having sex every night either once or severally makes one more fertile

Reasons To Have Sex Every Night


After a long day full of all sorts of activities, sex remains the best thing to do in order to attain relaxation. This is because most people are always fed up, distressed and distracted.


Due to this forms of stress and depression, people should not include this into their own mood but instead, stay motivated and move on to have sex at night.

Many people are said to be having sex severally in a week’s time due to many positive impacts associated with it.

Those who do not have sex severally bare some reasons like sickness, business trips and other exhausting circumstances.

These reasons tend to hamper them from having sex with their partners as many times as they may want.

Sex should not be viewed in terms of the pleasure part of it alone. This is because there are many other benefits that one can achieve by having frequent sex especially at night.

Most of them have scientific principles behind them while others have health advantages. The following are the 13 main reasons that clearly show the importance of having sex at night;

  1. Sex helps keep your immune system healthy

One is advised to cool down, relax and prepare for sex when he/she reports signs of common cold. Having sex several times a week results to high levels of immunoglobin.

This is an antibody that protects one from infections and common cold. Relaxation enhances release of more immunoglobin and this suppresses common cold up to 90%.

  1. Frequent sex at night helps lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is a condition that is closely associated with heart attack, stroke and kidney diseases. Research findings show that continuous and consistent sex helps to lower diastolic blood pressure.

Sex tends to relax body processes especially when one attains orgasm. This relaxation condition is the one that reduces blood pressure. This corresponds positively to all heart associated diseases.

  1. Sex at night helps burn excess calories in bed

Sex is an involving task on its own and it mostly depends on how active one may keep it. Having sex for about half an hour helps burn over 144 calories.

The more frequent you move and coil around, the more calories you will burn as you will be involved in more work for a short time.

  1. Sex enhances stress relieve

Research findings by a professor from the University of west Scotland shows that people who have sex once or severally for at least two weeks are highly motivated and are able to manage stressful circumstances.

The situations may include public speaking and tactical decision making. Generally, too much sex therefore means one would become less stressed and more intelligent.

  1. Sex makes one to look young due to the anti-aging creams used;

Research shows that people who have sex at night frequently are viewed to be 12 years younger than their real age. Having sex more often encourages the release of hormones which keeps you looking young.

Estrogen for that case aids in softening of skin and making one look young and great.

  1. Sex acts as a better sleep enhancer

Sex, as an act triggers release of endorphins that makes one feel relaxed. This also distresses your body and mind thus preparing him/her for a nice sleep.

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  1. Sex helps in pain reduction

Epinephrine and dopamine are the endorphins that act as body’s natural pain relievers. They takes over your body into action when your body as you after an orgasm.

  1. Frequent sex helps reduce prostate cancer in males

Research shows that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month are less likely to get prostate cancer. However, this does not put into account what stimulates you to ejaculate.

  1. Sex helps alleviate crumps in females

The science principle behind this is that when women orgasms, her uterus contracts and in the process rids the body of cramps causing compounds.

  1. Sex makes one to be super genius

Having sex every night either once or severally makes one more fertile, live longer, never get sick. It also makes one to develop a super genius brain. It makes you a super hero.

  1. Furthermore, sex makes one feel more like a man or woman

Sex also enhances communication apart from making it a great deal to rest in a relationship issues and in a family.

  1. Having night sex helps increase ones lifespan

Studies shows that people who have climaxed at least three times a week have more than 50% lower chances of dying that their counterparts. However, the research did not put into consideration any other medical issues that may arise.

  1. Frequent sex improves ones fertility rate

Frequent sex reduces the number of sperms but improves their quality thereafter. This is because the more often one makes love the better the quality of the sperm produced. To ladies, sex helps in balancing of hormones and period regulation. This improves their chances of conceiving.


Sex should not be thought of as a form of physical enjoyment but rather comes with lots of health benefits that cannot just be ignored at the tip.

Many think that having sex on daily basis is plausible since they go through a lot throughout the day. Actually, sex curbs all day stress and depression that one may have gone through during the entire day.