What Male Enhancement Products Work And What Don’t

Enhancement Products – Do You Need Them?

What Male Enhancement Products Work & What Don’t
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As women go through menopause, men face with their problems as well. In men, the change comes in form of lower testosterone levels which can affect their sexual performance and even lead to stress and anxiety.


We all want to be better and perform better but since our body isn’t able to repair itself, we can use the help of various products.

Nowadays, we are able to buy all sorts of products formulated to help men become better and some even claim – bigger. Yes, we’re talking about supplements.

While some of them are focused on boosting testosterone or sexual performance, others promise penis enlargement. Do they work? Find out below.

Enhancement Products – Do You Need Them?

While some male enhancement products are designed to regulate testosterone levels or improve sexual performance, other male enhancement products are made to enlarge the penis and thus improve sexual performance. And who wouldn’t like to have larger penis?

Size of the penis is closely associated with confidence and self-esteem which means that men with larger penis are more confident comparing to men who assume their penis is small.

The first and the most important thing a man can do to become more confident is to forget everything seen on TV, movies, and internet.

According to Mayo Clinic based on a sample of 1661 guys the average self-reported erect penis size was 5.6 in inches. However, from a scientific point of view, penis isn’t considered as small unless it measures less than 3 inches when erect.

If these scientific facts don’t change your feelings about your size then you should consider the fact that just like women who are bombarded with photos of Photo shopped celebrities, men also tend to compare them selves to unrealistic images.

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For instance, Shamloul R, of Department of Andrology and Sexology at Cairo University Hospital in Egypt conducted a study which included 92 participants who complained about small penis length.

All participants were asked to complete the questionnaire and the research time measured penis length twice in both flaccid and fully stretched states. Then, every participant was informed that if size of his penis flaccid and stretched was 4 cm and 7 cm respectively, it was considered normal.

Results of the study were published in the journal Urology and they showed that all participants assumed their penis was too small in either flaccid or erect state. Of 92 participants, 66 of them or 71.7% complained about shortness of penis in flaccid state, while 26 participants or 28.3% assumed their penis was too short in both states.

However, none of the participants had erectile dysfunction and none of them had short penis based on scientists’ measurements.

Findings from the study above just show that men usually aren’t satisfied with size of the penis although that size might be perfectly normal according to medical standards.

Do Enhancement Products Work?

Should you opt for male enhancement products and do they work?

Michael O’Leary, MD professor of urological surgery at Harvard Medical School states that products formulated solely for male enhancement and penis enlargement do not work.

When reading product’s description you will find number of promises that guarantee you will have up to 8 inches bigger penis, but according to scientists penis enlargement simply isn’t possible through supplementation alone and even surgeries can be unsuccessful as well.

Other products made of male enhancement include:

  • The vacuum pump – it’s a cylinder that sucks out the air. It works when penis is inserted into it and vacuum draws extra blood into the penis making it bigger and erect. Then, you clamp off the penis with a tight ring to keep the blood from leaking back into your body. The major drawback of this product is because the effect only lasts as long as you wear the ring. Moreover, using it for more than 20 to 30 minutes can cause tissue damage.
  • Stretching with weights – according to O’Leary, hanging weights off flaccid penis may stretch it a little bit, but you’d have to wear that weight for about 6 hours each day for six months.
  • Ointments and creams – same with supplements, they don’t work.
  • Supplements and pills for regulating testosterone and improving sexual performance – usually, these types of enhancement products for men work. Their effectiveness depends on the brand and quality of ingredients they use, but quality products of this type have positive reviews and more chances of improving your sex life than purchasing pills for enlarging penis which is utterly impossible.

Improving Sex Life

The main reason men want to enhance the size of the penis is because they want better sex life. Unlike supplements for male enhancement, supplements that are formulated for improvement of sexual performance prove to be successful.

For example, Virectin an all-natural supplement that improves men’s sexual health and performance by increasing blood flow to the penis, regulating sex hormones, increasing libido and stamina, and prolonging sexual activity. Great benefit of the product is low risk of side effects due to herbal ingredients.


There is a wide range of male enhancement products on the market. Some of them guarantee penis enlargement and all scientists agree they don’t work, while others are focused on improving sexual performance and they prove to be successful.






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