Increase Your Mind Power

Be Young By Feeling And Thinking Young

Increase your mind power

Age Is All In The Mind

If we think positive thoughts, we develop positive minds. If we think depraved thoughts, we develop depraved minds. But if we think celestial thoughts, which are the kind of thoughts God thinks, then we develop a celestial mind.-religious leader Sterling W. Sill

Be Young By Feeling And Thinking Young

This world is going to be a computer world, “the proud graduate predicts, everything is going to be run by computers.”

A smiling Gustava Bennett Burrus began attending computer classes at Richmond High School in California and, along with her classmates, is now adept at using the keyboard and mouse.

By the way, Gustava is 97 years old. She is the oldest person to ever graduate from high school, which incidentally was founded two years after her birth in 1905. “ My dream has come true,” the great-great-grandmother beamed.

Gustava came from an Oklahoma family of sharecroppers, and her education was cut short in the fourth grade. She began her course in January 2003, although it was her third time taking courses over the past decade.

Never Let Age Deter you

Do you think you’re too old to pursue one particular hobby or interest? Well, then you’re hastening the aging process.  The aging process starts in your mind. It matters little whether you are 24 or 74!

If you think old then you really are old. One of the reasons why many people become sedentary or senile later in life is simply because they allow themselves to be taken over by their age.

It’s true that at certain stages in life we notice body changes occurring. But we’re mistaken when we think that because of these changes, we can’t do the things we used to do when we were younger.

Age is all in mind
Age is all in mind

For instance, if you enjoy nature, which do you think is better, read about the joys of mountain climbing or doing mountain climbing yourself?

If you saw a new hip dance step on TV, would you go out and try the steps yourself or just admire the dancers while watching? If you went for the safe choice, then you’re thinking and acting old.

HOW DO YOU USE YOUR BRAIN? We all need to make the best use of our brain in order to function in this complicated world.

Our brain consists of about 100 thousand million nerve cells, in which there are hundreds of thousands of electrical impulses moving back and forth every millisecond.

All of us use it every day, yet it seems that we cannot use our brain fully and completely.

Brainy Even At An Advanced Age

As just mentioned, age undeniably affects brain function. The vast majority of people become somewhat forgetful, particularly in forming memories of recent events and remembering every day items such as names of people and important dates.

Yet, it is not unusual that persons of advanced age produce exceptional achievements. George Bernard Shaw was 91 when he penned the play Bouyant Billions.

Shaw lamented, “if only I could live longer to properly benefit from life’s experience. Youth is wasted on the young!” Claude Monet was 80 when he painted his famous series of water lilies, and Sigmund Freud made valuable research on psychoanalysis in his 80s.

We still see some great examples of people who plod on despite the debilitating effects of age. Pope John Paul II continued to travel to different parts of the globe even if he could hardly walk.

The Queen Mother (the mother of Queen Elizabeth II), participated in various public events even as she approached her 100th birthday.

Body Versus Mind

You don’t need to always experience a conflict between your age and your mindset. While there’s true saying that we should act our age, this refers more to our emotional maturity.

Because we are so used to thinking depending on our physical appearance, we find it easier not to challenge ourselves. Because our body systems work smoothly in our earlier years, we tend to take them for granted.

Because so many muscle movements are involuntary, we do not fully appreciate the importance of keeping fit the 650 muscles that make up our muscular system.

The Reality Of The Senses

However, as we age, all these areas need proper maintenance and adequate inputs from us. As time passes, changes become more obvious in certain body functions, which could be regarded as the signposts of aging.

Our muscles sag and shrink, become vulnerable to tears and ruptures and have difficulty properly supporting the joints.

Progressive deterioration of the muscle and bone structure becomes the norm as the years roll by. You get graying or thinning hair. Your sensory skills become less sharp as your sense of sight, hearing, and taste all become less sharp with age (although not your tongue!).

In order to reverse the symptoms of letting your brain go with your body changes, you can introduce anti-aging principles into your daily routine.

Understand that by “thinking old” you are actually hastening the aging process.

These are what some respondents in a UK study stated when they were asked what helped them stay mentally alert:

  • Taking a different route when going to work
  • Getting into a hobby like painting or cross-stitching
  • Rearranging the furniture regularly
  • Taking a fifteen-minute walk everyday
  • Doing home repairs
  • Taking time out to do daily meditation
  • Counting the number of advertisements on TV daily
  • Taking vitamin supplements daily
  • Calling up someone new everyday to make friends
  • Limiting the hours of watching TV

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED GOING ON A MENTAL DIET FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS? The human mind is like a sponge. It readily absorbs anything that enters it. Try absorbing only positive ideas and thoughts for seven straight days or one week.

If you allow a negative thought to enter, then make up for the loss of positive thoughts by adding an extra day. This simple exercise can create a powerful habit.