My Essential Advice To Men? Use Miessence!

our essential advice to men is to check out Miessence

My Essential Advice To Men? Use Miessence!

Skincare is definitely not just for ladies, if you want to maintain your youthful looks and have vibrant, soft skin, you need to take the time to pamper yourself a little – a splash of moisturizing aftershave is not enough to save your boyish good looks!

Top of our hit list when it comes to skincare brands are a good range of products to suit different skin types and lifestyles, and items that will see us through different seasons and changes to our skin.

We all have our favorites, but it’s good to try out new products as well, and we’ve recently come across a brand called Miessence.

Since they have been busy across the world searching out ingredients for their skincare and hair products, we thought it was only fair we put the work in to introduce them here.

The Brand

As a brand, Miessence has a few key selling points, but their main one is that they produce certified natural organic products that are quality controlled right from growing the ingredients all the way through to production and packaging.

What’s interesting is the products are made every 30 days and shipped straight to customers to ensure they retain their freshness.

Miessence really cares about the environment, is passionate about animal welfare, and committed to making all-natural products that are gentle and soothing on your skin.

The Products

Miessence products include make-up base products such as concealer and foundation, which are ideal if you work in theater or performance careers, and handy size shampoos and conditioners which can be popped in your gym bag or packed up for a weekend break.

It can be tricky finding the right products for daily skincare routines as well after shaving, especially if you have sensitive skin, but all these products aim to sooth and improve the skin.

The Purifying Skin Conditioner is a pick for hydration – it contains Echinacea, witch hazel, and plantain to help problem skin, while the Certified Organic Purifying Blemish Gel is a good choice because it doesn’t just treat and help prevent acne, but it’s great to use for cuts, insect bites and scars – a good one for all you sporty types!

The Benefits Of Buying Organic

Miessence is a beauty brand that uses concentrated quantities of ingredients, so a little goes a long way when you apply their products and you get the effect of potent, therapeutic grade ingredients.

You’ll find a high amount of nutrients and anti-oxidants in organic products, and we give big bonus points for eradicating the need for using products with artificial, and in some cases, potentially harmful, chemicals on the skin.

Miessence offers a good range of products for hair and skin, and seem to cater well for skin problems and sensitivities.

Whether you are looking for a gentle cleanser, an everyday body wash or a multi-purpose product, there’s plenty to check out, and lots of information on the ingredients and what they are used for, including the background behind their production.

Going organic could be a lifestyle and skincare choice that offers more benefits than you might think, so our essential advice to men is to check out Miessence, treat yourself to a full size item or try a sample size, and find an organic product to protect, repair and illuminate your skin!

Jana Cevelova is the marketing director of Purely Natural Cosmetics, the online organic beauty retailer. Jana and the team are completely dedicated to offering only the very best quality in each and every one of their certified organic products.