Disturbing Side Effects Of Site Enhancement Oil Injections

Side effects are numerous and in some cases even deadly.

Disturbing Side Effects Of Site Enhancement Oil Injections

So, you’ve been working out for some time now and you’ve finally started noticing the results – your body is stronger, your physique leaner and your self-confidence is through the roof by now! Are we to mention health benefits of working out, too? No need.

Everyone knows what amazing things an hour at the gym daily does to your body.

In all honesty, rare are feelings of satisfaction like those you get after spending hours at the gym and then witnessing the results of your hard work. All of the gym junkies know that, come on!

However, going to the gym can easily turn from your greatest satisfaction to your easiest doom.

How so? All the gym overachievers can simply forget about their health looking to achieve results as quickly as possible and give in to harmful supplements that can seriously endanger their health in the long run.

While bodybuilders are no strangers to steroids, there is a new drift that’s threatening to become trending and seriously threaten its consumers’ health. Dear gym goers, meet Fluffing – the newest trend of oil injections that’s giving your muscles an instant puff within minutes.

The Origin

What Areas Is Synthol Mostly Used On?While oil injections for muscle enlargement sound like a product of 21st century, it’s interesting to learn its origin goes back to 1899; at the time it was used to fill in wrinkles and to increase breast size.

Nowadays it’s not as commonly used except in rheumatoid arthritis treatments, with sesame oil serving as a solvent for intramuscular gold injections.

The trend of SEOs injections remerged in popularity recently with the “need” to puff the muscles in the shortest amount of time.Unlike steroids which can take a few weeks or months to become visually apparent, SEOs offer immediate enlargement effects.

Currently, synthol is the most popular SEO in the bodybuilding community. It was developed in the mid-1990s by Chris Clark who developed it with the goal of making it safer, longer-lasting, more stable, and less allergenic than other SEOs.

What Areas Is Synthol Mostly Used On?

As experts explain, “users typically inject synthol into each muscle head of a muscle group; two locations in the biceps (short and long heads) and three locations in the triceps (lateral, long, and medial heads).

Unless you specifically know the lagging muscle head, failure to inject synthol in all the muscle heads of a muscle group could lead to an even more disproportionate physique.”

What Are Synthol Side Effects & Dangers?Synthol is commonly used on smaller muscle groups like the biceps, triceps, deltoids, and calves due to the fact these areas require less synthol as they are undeveloped compared to larger muscle groups like chest, the back, and thighs.

What Are Synthol Side Effects & Dangers?

After hearing plenty horror stories as result of synthol usage, we’ve talked to experts from FrontlineER who have given us a knowledgeable insight into the matter.

Side effects are numerous and in some cases even deadly.

Starting the countdown of side effects with the mildest ones, we are definitely to mention swelling, localized redness, pressure and pain around the injected muscle groups followed by lumps, unnaturally shaped muscles and deformities.

Purports are known to occur as well followed by nerve damage, infection, total halt of natural muscle Side Effects Of Site Enhancement Oil Injectionsregeneration and skin ruptures. Abscesses, cysts (cystic scar tissue) and “the blockage or closing of the artery that carries blood from the heart to the lungs” is often a result of injecting SEOs.

Forming of fistulas, fibrosis and hard oedema are often side effects of fluffing and they have even resulted in clinically documented horror stories and even class action cases (more at http://sideeffectsofxarelto.org/xarelto-lawsuits/).

The most terrifying side effects of this horrible trend are cerebral stroke, myocardial infarction/heart attack and the infection of the lymph vessels throughout the body.

Are you still considering a bulging bicep over your health? Yeah, we knew you were smarter than that!

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