Basic Things Men Should Know About Their Health

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Basic Things Men Should Know About Their Health


Naturally, men are known to be careless with their lives. Not many of them consider regular medical checkups.

The month of June is world’s men health month when they can visit clinics and get screened for various problems that affect men.

Statistics, however, show that men are reluctant to undergo medical tests unless they are feeling unwell.

Worse still, some men do not see the importance of seeing a physician even when they are not feeling well, and this is the reason men are mostly affected by various medical conditions.

About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a problem that is on the increase in the past few decades. More young men are being affected by the cases rising to six-fold. More young men under the age of fifty-five are being affected than was in the yesteryears.

Disturbing issues of the disease is that it is more aggressive when it affects young men than when it affects old men of the age above sixty years.

Men need to understand that it is important to stark checking their PSA numbers as early as at the age of forty. Though they may not be sick, taking precautions is a good thing.

PSA results should be discussed openly with an experienced specialist. It is also important to check the family history of prostate cancer as this will give you the likely hood of you contracting the disease.

For young men who have families with a background of prostate cancer are at a higher risk and thus one must take help from health care adviser decide on the appropriate form of prostate cancer treatment.

It is important to discuss the family prostate cancer history with your physician. IT is also important for African American men to note that they are at a higher danger of suffering from prostate cancer than other men of their age.

Importance of Exercises

Genetics is known and believed to play a great role in men’s health and cholesterol issues. Cholesterol may be a primary cause of heart conditions, artery diseases, and stroke.

However, despite how much we get ignorant and want to blame genetics men only have themselves to blame for some of the conditions that affect them. Some of these conditions are caused by the lifestyle that we choose.

When exercising becomes a habit, it is a healthy way of reducing the risk of suffering from age-related cholesterol. Exercising help in burning the excess stored fat and leave the bodies in the right shape.

Exercise helps to slow down the onset of cholesterol and thus keeping related health conditions at bay.

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Is Andropause an issue with men? There is a great misunderstanding that men are not affected by menopause, and this may be true in some aspect.

However, with age there is the risk of sperm count reduction, decreased energy, low sex drive, increased body fats and increased body fats. All these are bound to affect the fertility of men.

A decrease in hormone levels causes male menopause, a condition known as Andropause. Men, therefore, need to make sure to check the levels every morning.

The optimally acceptable testosterone levels range between 400 and 600. If any a level below the stated level is noted, one should start to take caution of what they eat.

Men should ensure that they eat a lot of foods rich in vitamin D to make sure that they maintain a healthy testosterone level.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the condition in which men are unable to keep erection firm.  Inability to keep a firm erection affected the quality of sexual intercourse and experienced in men as age advances and the level of testosterone decreases.

Some things like health issues or even physical conditions cause the problem. Taking at least two glasses of coffee a day helps in reducing the effect of sexual dysfunction especially if stress, fatigue or over-consumption of alcohol is the main causes.

If the condition is persistent, then there could other underlying health issues, and you should visit a doctor.

The life Expectancy of men

There are claims that the life expectancy of a man is lower than that of women by five years. Men at all ages are more likely to suffer and die from chronic diseases more than women and children.

Ignorance of men to health issues and seeking medical attention cause the high risk of death in men. Men engage in many activities that are considered to cause a significant risk to their health.

Many governments are now campaigning to be cautious of their health issues and to stop assuming things. The World Health Organization has published a list of key issues that affect men, and various governments asked to effect measures to combat these risks.

Screening goes hand in hand with age and should be encouraged. It has been made free in various government health institutions and covered in healthy national policies.


Though men are believed to be handy, some of the health issues cannot be taken for granted and this is the reason men need to understand the health issues that cause a risk to them.

They need to be made aware of the importance of screening and regular checkup trips to the hospital.